Sunday, 17 April 2016

The End Has Come

Dear Diary,

My time has come. How they have deserted me!

I have just returned from Greece and everything in my power has gone to waste. In returning to Rome, I have found that the Senate has Governor Galba declared as emperor. He has the allegiance of the Praetorian Guard, the Senate and my army.

I should have taken him seriously during the beginning of the revolt in Gaul. I believed that his rebellion would die out like all the others. The praetorian, Senators, and army have all turned against me. I have absolutely no one to turn to except for my four loyal freedmen for help. The Senate have declared the sentence of death against me. I have been trying to reason with them but alas it’s all in vain.

The only honorable way that my life would be taken from me would be through my own hands. And if I do not succeed, I have ordered my freedmen to complete this task for me.

Though I have lost the love and support from many, I know my value and I have no doubt of my legacy that would be carried into the future.

Qualis artifex pereo! (What an artist dies in me!)

Nero Claudius Caeser

The Great Fire

VIII.V.LXIV (August 5, 64 AD)
Dear Diary,

While I was away in the coastal resort of Antium, there was a fire in Rome. I have been hearing rumors that I was the one who ordered the city to be burned. Why would I do that? I may have wanted my Gold Palace but I won’t burn my own empire down just to build it. I would have burnt just the Christians homes with them in it, to build my Palace on their ashes. Furthermore why can’t my people trust me, when I say that I did not create the fire that destroyed more than half of Rome? After all that I've done for them! On another note, all the land has been cleared after the fire and where better place to put my palace than there? I did after all, help them with finding them homes right after the they were displaced and got them food from our neighboring cities, as well as try to stop the fire from spreading more throughout the city. So therefore they can’t be mad at me for wanting to place, my Palace on what is now empty land.

Since my people of Rome have been accusing me of setting fire to the city of Rome, I would have to push the blame towards the Christians, as to take the spotlight away from so there won’t be a revolt since my people seem to dislike me. Oh, the inventive ways of torturing and killing the Christians, how their screams will be music to my ears. Hmm, I wonder what kind of punishment I should award them? Maybe I should dress them up in animal skins and have dogs tear them apart? Maybe burn them alive? Ah! I know I could throw them into a pit with animals to be eaten alive! Or better yet, we could crucify them! What a slow and painful death.

That should do it, I will have to push the blame to the Christians get the people to blame them for losing their houses and businesses. It will make me look like a hero for showing justice against these perpetrators, and I get to be rid of these nuisance of occultist.

Nero Claudius Caesar

My Mother's Death

III.XXIII.LIX (March 23, 59 CE)
Dear Diary,

Since this marks the start of me keeping track of the truly important parts of my life, I shall begin with an introduction. I’m the emperor of Rome. I enjoy my lifestyle, the riches, the fame and the POWER! I have a fascination of the arts. My favorite form of the arts is singing, as well as acting on a stage. I’m also a competitive person, I have recently ordered there be athletic games to be held once every five years. I like riding the chariot in these games, as I like to be athletic once in a while. Oh by the way my name is Nero Claudius Caesar. I also have a huge hatred for that despicable underground occult that they call a religion, Christianity, I mean come on, what kind of name is Christianity anyway?! 

Well coming back to what happened today, I am certainly very confused with all that’s happening. Today my mother was killed and I seem to be held responsible for it. Well to be fair, I am. But I have a very valid reason. After years of threatening my power, I had to send my assassins to kill my mother. She has exerted her control in all aspects of my life and I wanted it all to end. From threatening me to end my affair with the former slave, Claudia Acte, to championing Britannicus as emperor. She has done nothing but try to diminish my power. The most recent atrocity that she has committed is trying to get my people to rebel against me! I had to kill her!

According to my assassins, supposedly her last words were “stab me in the womb". I have no remorse. The only wish I have, is that I had done it myself instead. Now that she is gone I can live freely and lead Rome in the direction that I want. I can pursue the arts and I can finally live the lavish life that my mother looked down upon because the only thing that was important to her was that I focused on staying in power.

If I had not made this decision, she would have destroyed everything in my life. She would have sabotaged my rule and even go as far as having me exiled or killed. I did the right thing. 

Nero Claudius Caesar